APP 601: Advanced pharmacy practice experience rotations - sixth year

Credits 4
After completion of the previous courses successfully, students will participate in a series of advanced clinical rotations in which they communicate with patients, professionals, and other health profession students; identify and assess clinical problems; further develop their skills in patient care and pharmaceutical services; contribute effectively as a member of a health care team; and formulate solutions to optimize patient outcomes. A total of 10 clinical rotations (45 weeks) will be required during a full academic year (total of 2,000 hours) of clinically-oriented rotations offered primarily at off-campus sites. There will be 5 core rotations that are mandatory for all (ambulatory care, general internal medicine, institutional pharmacy practice, community pharmacy practice, and pharmacy administration and management). Another 3-5 rotations can be chosen from the selective/ elective options (general paediatrics, infectious disease, cardiology, adult critical care, drug information, TPN, and adult haematology/oncology). The remaining 0-2 rotations are freely chosen from the free elective list that comprises (organ transplant, nephrology, acute care, pharmacy automation and informatics, surgery,'85and many others). This proposed structure is the make most of the rotations focused on direct patient care and communication.