Anatomy & Genetics

General Department Information

The Department of Anatomy at the College of Medicine (COM) is involved in teaching, research and service. The Department is primarily responsible for teaching gross, microscopic, cross-sectional anatomy, embryology, and neuroscience through integrated courses both in MBBS and PharmD curricula. Department also offers Master’s in clinical Anatomy. The Department periodically offers electives and special courses, collaborative workshops for the students within the university, residents, and trainees of various other institutions.

Although the biological science that has been embedded within the subject "Anatomy" has not been changed so much over the years, the modalities that we use to understand the subject anatomy have been significantly changed. In addition, anatomy is clinically oriented and now well integrated in various disciplines and thus the Department is innovative in terms of our approach of teaching in the presence of decreased contact hours to fulfil the curricular need of more integration. We conduct our state-of-the-art resource sessions, students' directed evening lab sessions, and dissection using models, plastinated specimens, CT/MRI/X-ray, Anatomage (digital body), prosecuted cadavers, microscopes, and surface anatomy. 

Department faculty and staff explicitly aim to:

  • Assist our entire COM community with their anatomical teaching and research needs
  • Interact collegially with faculty, staff, and students
  • Foster collaborative learning among students
  • Improve continually the efficiency of learning for our students since The Department believes that anatomy is the language of medicine
  • Share our teaching and learning techniques with the intellectual community at large