BBA Degree Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in one major, the student must complete a total of 130 credit hours that are distributed as follows: 

  1. General Education Requirement (GER): Courses adding to 44 credit hours; some of these are mandated by the Ministry of Education, which are mostly completed in the first two years of the program. These courses provide students with a good foundation in humanities, and in social and natural sciences.
  2. Business Common Core (BCC): Courses adding to 44 credit hours. These courses provide students with a strong foundation in quantitative and qualitative decision methods and information technology along with a broad core of business education. These courses are mostly completed before the end of the third year.
  3. Major Core Courses (MCC): These consist of 36 credit hours including 12 for internship completed in the final semester in the corresponding major.
  4. Business Electives Courses (BEC): consisting of 6 credit hours and completed within the third and fourth year. The College of Business regularly introduces new courses as Business electives to keep up with the market needs which are later converted to a common core course if the skill is broadly needed by the market