Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine

General Department Information

It is well recognized that biochemistry and molecular medicine are foundational sciences for the understanding of pathogenesis of diseases, drugs' mechanism of action, and the ever-evolving field of molecular medicine research. While focusing on the future needs of a competent and contemporary medical doctor, our department strives to provide our undergraduate medical students with an adequate background in biochemistry, cell, and molecular biology to facilitate the mastery of other disciplines such as pharmacology and pathology. Our taught courses enable the understanding of biological and molecular mechanisms underlying human physiology in health and disease.

Although molecular medicine is introduced as two parallel courses into the first year of our spiral medical curriculum, a more clinical content is emphasized by integration throughout the first three years of the MBBS program.

During summer breaks, our students are encouraged to participate in our ongoing research projects which include the development of in-house assays for the detection of COVID-19 and other viruses, the study of VEGF in hypertension, the role of lamins and senescence mediators in chemo-resistance, gene. As advances in molecular biology research are vital to progress in medicine, research is a flagship activity of our department.