Chairman's Message

A word from HRH Prince Khalid Al Faisal bin Abdulaziz

Within the framework of its caring for human development, which is the most important basic factor in total development, King Faisal Foundation extends its projects in serving education through King Faisal Schools, Prince Sultan College of Tourism and Management, Effat College, in addition to Scholarship Programs. Today it presents Alfaisal University as a contemporary Arab academic university that has international scientific affiliations with similar institutions. Alfaisal uses its expertise to develop educational techniques and provide appropriate mechanisms to mobilize the wisdom of the Creator of the human mind's abilities in order to innovate and upgrade life.

It is obvious that the main handicap that retards Arab societies, in general, is the low quality of education and the inability of its prevailing systems and means – such as prompting and keeping by heart – to qualify humans to be able to advance a society pursuant to a scientific rule that adopts contemporary means and technology, and to fulfill the urgent need for training the educated on thinking so as to reach the right decision.
It is illogical to confine the mission of upgrading education to the State alone. It is unfair to the State and to the investment in the human element that serves society as a whole. All of society must stand shoulder to shoulder to carry out this mission.

Therefore, the aim of this University is to provide the student with the educational level he seeks abroad, to be an example for voluntary work which the private sector can contribute to the development of our homeland, and, at the same time, to employ its abilities and research centers to serve society, and to build bridges to the most advanced international sites in educational techniques and tools.