CoB Major Core Courses (MCC)

Students are required to complete 24 credit hours, plus a 12 credit hours internship (coop) relevant to their majors. Students may also add a minor or a double major provided they meet the minimum requirement to add a double major or a minor. These details and requirements are listed below.

The Internship

The Internship Program is designed to provide the College of Business students with a practical, on-the-job experience, which makes a valuable contribution to their academic and career development. The internship program is mandatory for all undergraduate students. The duration of the internship program is at least four (4) months and students can earn twelve (12) credits towards their final degree requirements. The Internship is normally conducted in the final semester unless approved otherwise by the Undergraduate Business Office. Students are not allowed to enroll in any other course within the duration of the coop.

Students will gain practical skills and experience to reinforce and expand what they learned in the classroom and increase their employability skills in an ever-competitive job market. Due to the growing reputation of Alfaisal University, several organizations approach the College of Business to send its students to participate in their internship programs. The College of Business has worked with over 100 national and international organizations to host the internships; many of these organizations end up hiring the CoB student interns. 

Please go to the major core courses (MCC) for each department below for more details.