College of Medicine Degree Program

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

A six-year program leading to an MBBS degree (Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery)

Alfaisal's Innovative Spiral Medical Curriculum

Alfaisal University College of Medicine has developed a spiral curriculum, with three interconnected phases, where the outcomes of each phase build on each other to develop the final product of "a competent intern ". Phase 1 of the curriculum covers normal structure and function of the human body. In Phase 2 of the curriculum, the normal versus abnormal relationship is explored, in addition to the introduction of clinical skills for clinical practice. Phase 3 of the curriculum is the clinical clerkship phase, where students learn the practice of medicine and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the previous phases. These phases of the curriculum are not distinct but rather interlocking so that knowledge gained in one is used to learn the knowledge and skills in the successive phases. For example, the structure and function of the heart learned in Phase 1 is revisited and reassessed when learning about the mechanism of heart diseases in Phase 2. Moreover, the disease mechanisms are revisited and reassessed when students learn the management of heart diseases in Phase 3 of the curriculum.