Colleges and Departmental Abbreviations

The following abbreviations for departmental and college offerings are used both in the program requirement descriptions and in the course descriptions throughout the Undergraduate Catalog.

ACC Accounting
AMB Ambulatory Care
ANT Anthropology
APP Advanced Pharmacy Practice
ARB Arabic
ARE Architectural
BAN Business Analytics
BCH Biochemistry
BEP Basics of Biostatistics & Epidemiology
BHS Behavior Science
BIO Biology
BPH Pharmacotherapy
BSN Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology
BST Biostatistics
CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine
CHM Chemistry
COM Primary Health Care & Rural Health
CSC Computer Science
CVP Cardiopulmonary Block
DIT Drug Information and Evidence
ECO Economics
EE Electrical Engineering
END Endocrine Block
ENG English
ENV Environmental
FIN Finance
FMT Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
FON Foundation Block
FRE French
GEN (Genetics
GER German
GIT Gastrointestinal Block
GYN Gynecology
HEM Hem/One Block
HEN Health Economics and Health Care Management
HIS History
HNS Head & Neck & Special Senses Block
HRM Human Resources
IE Industrial Engineering
IMD Sub-Specialty Medicine
IMM Immunology
INS Integrated Neuroscience
IPH Integrated Pharmacotherapy
IPP Introductory Pharmacy Practice
ISL Islamic Studies
KIN Pharmacokinetics
LSR Research Methodology
LST Life Science
MAT Mathematics
MCH Medicinal Chemistry
ME Mechanical Engineering
MED Medicine
MGT Management
MIF Medical Informatics
MIM Medical Imaging
MKT Marketing
MOL Molecular Medicine
MSF Medication Safety
MSK Musculoskeletal Block
MTM Medication Therapy Management
NEU Neuroscience Block
NTN Nutrition
OPM Operations & Project Management
PCL Patient Care
PED Pediatrics
PHC Pharmaceutics
PHG Pharmacogenomics
PHI Pharmaceutical Industry
PHL Philosophy
PHU Physics
PHY Physiology
POD Pathogenesis of Diseases
PRC Pharmacy Practice
PRO Communications Skills
PSY Psychology
PTH Parenteral Therapy
RAD Radiology
REG Pharmacy Regulations
REN Renal Block
REP Reproductive Block
RES Respiratory Block
SCI Forensic Science
SCR Self-Care and Non-Prescription Drugs
SE Software Engineering
SSP Surgical Subspecialty
STA Statistics
SUR Surgery