3.2. Cross-enrolling and Taking Cross-referenced Courses

Sometimes Alfaisal University students take courses that belong to colleges other than their original college, or they take “cross-referenced” courses (courses that are listed under more than one department). Because registration policies and other academic practices vary among the different colleges at Alfaisal, students who cross-enroll or take cross-referenced courses need to be aware of which college—the one they are enrolled in, or the one that is listed as on Student Information System (SIS) as “Admin” of the course—governs that course’s policies and procedures.

3.2.1 In general, for issues that involve transactions between the professor and the student in the context of the student’s course participation (e.g., grading, academic misconduct, add/drop dates), the rules of the college offering the course will govern.

3.2.2 For issues that involve how a course applies (or doesn't apply) to a student’s academic standing and degree requirements (e.g., whether a course counts toward graduation, regression and duplication issues, Retake Option, probation, and dismissal), the rules of the college in which the student is enrolled will govern.