ECO 482: Pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes

Class Program
Credits 3
This course will provide the pharmacy student with an overview and applications to assess the value and the standards of pharmacoeconomics, health outcomes, health economics, and epidemiology. It will teach the student basic concepts, assumptions, terminology, and methods associated with pharmacoeconomics and health-related outcomes research. An overview of pharmacoeconomic analysis using cost-effectiveness, cost-minimization, cost-utility, cost-benefit, and cost-identification studies will be addressed. This course will also teach the student to the basic features, strengths, and weaknesses of pharmacoepidemiological study designs. Various methods of collecting pharmacoepidemiological information, drug utilization studies, cross-sectional studies, observational studies, and clinical trials will be covered. Principles taught in this course will help the student to build their knowledge of how to assess and conduct research in the future to demonstrate the effectiveness, safety, and economic value of a new treatment.