2.2. English Language Proficiency

2.2.1 All programs at the University are delivered in the medium of English.

2.2.2 The University requires successful applicants to demonstrate that their ability to understand and to express themselves in English (including in reading, writing, speaking, and listening) is sufficient to enable them to achieve the full benefit from studying at the University.

2.2.3 The University will publish annually its minimum English language proficiency criteria for all of its programs of study along with a list of those tests of English which it recognizes as satisfying (when passed at the appropriate level) this requirement.

2.2.4 The published information identifies the minimum level of proficiency in English that successful applicants must demonstrate in advance of being admitted to the University.

2.2.5 The selection process is competitive and individual offers may be made which require an applicant to achieve a standard higher than the minimum.

2.2.6 The University’s Academic Success Centre provides a range of English language tutoring services for students during their studies in the University.