Students are expected to complete all course work by the end of a semester. When this is not possible because of illness or other circumstances, an incomplete grade may be considered. The University distinguishes between two types of extensions: personal and academic. Only in the most unusual circumstances can an extension, either personal or academic, be granted. Personal Extensions are appropriate for students coping with end-of-semester illness or other personal circumstances beyond their control.


  • In certain cases, the student may not wish this documentation to be placed in his or her student file. In this case, the student should confer confidentially with the relevant faculty member, and with the agreement of the dean of the college, such material can be excluded from the student’s file.
  • The due date for completed work will be set at the time the extension is granted. For the fall and spring semesters it is expected that all written work and projects will be completed no later than four weeks from the last day of exams. Earlier deadlines may be set by the instructor. The Dean of the College and the student will agree on the specified deadline.
  • An incomplete (I) grade will be given to the student if the instructor is unable to submit the final exam before the final grade deadline and submit a Grade Change Authorization Form to the College Dean for approval and processing to the Office of the Registrar.


  • Request forms for these extensions are available from the Office of Registrar. 
  • The Dean of the College will be required to receive and judge the validity of these requests. 
  • Documentation from a doctor, hospital or other appropriate institution is required to consider an extension. All documentation will be placed in the student’s permanent academic record. This verification is required to document circumstances that have had an impact on a student’s ability to finish course work or finals. 
  • Students must submit all requests before the last day of classes. 
  • Faculty will submit extension grades no later than the fifth (5th) week following the last day of exams unless special arrangements are made with the College Dean and the University Registrar.