3.31. Final Examination Policy

Instructors administering final examinations are required to use the date, time, and location, if applicable, as assigned by the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration. While examination periods are scheduled for a specific duration, the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration does not require instructors to use the full specified period. Students should be notified well in advance of the exam if the exam period will be shortened. Students should be prepared to be on campus until the last exam period of final exam week. Students and instructors must adhere to the following guidelines during the examination period:

  1. No student is to be given more than two examinations on one day. The University Council may make exceptions for this rule, as it sees fit.
  2. No student is allowed to enter the examination venue more than 30 minutes after the examination begins or leave before the first 30 minutes of the examination have elapsed.
  3. Cheating in examination or attempting to cheat, or violating instructions, and examination regulations shall render the student to punishment in accordance with the Student Disciplinary By-Laws as issued by the University Council.
  4. Based on the recommendation of the relevant department council, the College Council determines the duration of the final written examinations, which should not be less than one hour and not more than three hours.
  5. Academic evaluations of students’ performances will be conducted in a manner which assures fairness. Students who disagree with a grade given for a test, formal paper, or final grade who believe a grade to be deficient or unfair should initially pursue an appeal with the instructor according to Alfaisal Grade Appeal and Change Policy.