8.1. Grades Submission Policy

Faculty members must submit grades according to the policy below:

  1. Grades must be submitted maximum within 2 days following the exam.
  2. Any blank grade will be translated to [F].
  3. Grades must be submitted as letters only.
  4. All final grades are due within 72 hours after the scheduled final exam date/time.
  5. Only the instructor with grade approval authority for the course will have access to approve the final grades for submission to be posted to the student’s record.
  6. Grades will be available to students via Netclassroom.

NOTE: Late grade submissions create problems on students’ records. They delay in importing grade reports will delay the student CGPA calculations and will prevent students from registering for the next semester classes especially when prerequisites are involved.

  1. Procedures
    1. Instructors must enter grades into the Final Grade Roster in Faculty Access for the Web.
    2. If you do not see your student listed in your course, report their names to the Registrar.