Alfaisal University is committed to meeting its obligation to protect the rights of students with respect to their education records. Education records generally include any personally identifiable records maintained about a student by the institution, including academic, disciplinary, and administrative records. The Student Records Retention Policy is designed to establish procedures to ensure compliance the country and the university governing student education records.

This policy also implements the recommendations of American Association of Collegiate Registrar’s and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)’s Student Records Management: Retention, Disposal, and Archive of Student Records to ensure industry best practices.

Proper retention of student education records is essential to conducting the business of the institution; to protecting the legal interests of the institution and students. In addition, the institution is obligated to preserve records when litigation is threatened or pending. For the purposes of efficiency and management of physical and digital storage resources, it is also important that unneeded records be disposed of in a timely manner. This applies to student education records and information resources in all formats, including but not limited to paper records, electronic records, and information management system data.

This policy has been developed to:

  1. insure vital academic records retention
  2. protect and maintain student privacy
  3. assist academic departments with appropriate student record storage
  4. ensure that student education records meet established record keeping requirements
  5. ensure that records are retained for a sufficient period in order to meet administrative, audit, legal and historical needs

This policy applies to all departments, divisions, offices, and employees of the institution who utilize student records. University personnel are required to be familiar with and to adhere to this policy, as it pertains to the types of records/documents in the academic Document and Data Retention Schedule.

The Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration is the custodian of student education records; and is responsible for the management, retention, disposal, and archiving of these records. The institution will take the following actions to assure student education records are protected:

  1. meet legal standards for protection, storage, accessibility, and disposition
  2. provide students with an annual notice of their rights
  3. regulate access to education records in accordance with law and policy
  4. maintain records as required by law and policy
  5. provide students with the right to request amendment to their education records and the
  6. right to a hearing concerning their education records, and
  7. provide complete records, from all departments at the institution, in response to a student's request that records be provided.