Life Science

Chair: Dr. Rashid Mehmood
Ph: +966 11 215 7969

General Department Information

The mission of the Department of Life Sciences is to promote understanding of the function of molecules, cells, tissues and organs with a concentration on hereditary factors and genetic mechanisms controlling fundamental biological processes, particularly in relation to the human body; and to contribute to the training of the next generation of research scientists, biotechnological entrepreneurs, educators, biomedical and allied health professionals.

The Department of Life Sciences envisions becoming a recognized national and international center of academic excellence by providing of high quality education in a broad spectrum of modern interdisciplinary life sciences to produce competent biomedical and biotech professionals responsive to the needs of the society.


LST 421: Life Science Special Topics I

LST courses introduces special topics relevant to Biomedical Science. The course subjects can be modified according to faculty availability, students' preferences and pathways.

LST 421: Epigenetics

The course will first review recent progress in our understanding of fundamental epigenetic mechanisms and events controlling normal human development and physiology, such as growth, metabolism and ageing processes together with environmental factors affecting human epigenome. This will follow by reviews of recent discovering of epigenetic etiology of some most significant human disorders.