Make-up Exams

Make-up Final Examinations

Alfaisal University policies do not allow students who miss their final exam to request an alternate arrangement to make-up the exam except for one of the following reasons only – medical illness, or compassionate grounds. Alternate arrangements must be made prior to the scheduled examination date and time. Unless it is an extended illness, the missed final exam must be completed as soon as possible after the scheduled exam date. The following guidelines are to be followed: 

  1. The student makes the request in writing and in a timely manner before the scheduled exam, to request an opportunity to complete a makeup exam.
  2. The student provides the instructor with the required originally signed documentation regarding the reason he is not able to complete the test on the originally scheduled exam date. Without this documentation, the student will not be granted an accommodation to complete a makeup exam and will be assigned a zero grade for the exam. No incomplete (I) grade can be assigned in this situation. 
  3. The makeup exam does not have to be identical to the original final exam, but it must cover the same material.
  4. All communications with the student must be via e-mail, with the University Registrar copied on each exchange.

It is the instructor's responsibility to: 

  • Validate (approve or refuse) the student's request and include the final exam details if approving the student's request. The instructor will copy the Registrar on all communication with students regarding their missed final exams.
  • Retain documentation provided by the student with the course records.
  • E-mail the University Registrar immediately, but no later than five business days prior to the date of the final exam, with the following information for each student approved for a final make-up exam: 
    •  The student's name
    • The student's Alfaisal University ID number
    • The course and section number
    • The duration of the final exam
    • A list of all the aids/resources permitted the student during the taking of the final exam
  • Coordinate with the University Registrar the due date of submission of the student's final grade.
  • Assign an incomplete (I) grade to the student if unable to grade the final exam before the final grade deadline and submit a Grade Change Authorization Form to the College Dean for approval and processing to the Office of the Registrar. 

Make-up Examinations (Other than Finals)

Alfaisal University requires that students be permitted to make up examinations missed because of illness, other unavoidable circumstances, or University activities. Therefore, instructors must offer reasonable options without penalty to students who have missed examinations for legitimate reasons. 

It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor as soon as possible before the exams about the reasons for a missed exam and if the instructor wishes to provide appropriate documentation. 

Makeup examinations will be scheduled at a reasonable time and location. The makeup examination, if different, will be equivalent to the original in form, content, difficulty, and time limits, and the standards for scoring and grading will be equivalent to those used for the original examination.