Message from the College Dean

Alfaisal Law School brings together leading local and international scholars, researchers, and members of the legal profession to provide students with a range of transformative experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. By bringing academia and practice together, Alfaisal is planning to become a regional center in international legal studies and research.

Our international partnerships connect us to the leading law schools in the United Kingdom, and North America. This allows our students to take their opportunities in the legal profession not only domestically, but also outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by showing them the roadmap for qualifying in other jurisdictions in addition to their local qualifications.

At the present time, Saudi Arabia is taking the lead in passing responsibility (as a classic Islamic country) over-responding to the calls for codifying Islamic jurisprudence opinions to make Islamic law more accessible, and more suitable for application in international trade, and finance.  This can’t effectively happen without the use of legal research in comparative law, to cover different areas of legal studies.

Also, it is equally important to cover all subjects of international law to enable our graduates to be ready for working as Saudi diplomats, as well as with regional and international organizations.

When you come to study at Alfaisal Law School, you will join a small student body that is deeply committed to studying the law, developing life-long friendships and professional relationships. Their involvement in legal studies, allows them to learn about career opportunities, serve the public, and discuss the most important topics of the day.

I invite you to explore all aspects of Alfaisal Law School, through the website. We are always looking for the next generation of students to join our LLB, and Research programs for the future.

All of us at the Law School look forward to meeting you

Best Regards,

Dr. Torki A Alshubaiki