Non-Degree Students Criteria

An undergraduate non-degree student takes credit bearing courses but does not pursue a baccalaureate degree. Non-degree students register for courses on a space available basis. Alfaisal University degree candidates have priority for registration.

Non-degree students must demonstrate course pre-requisites and may need approval from the respective department of the College. As a non-degree student, you may take up to 24 credits in this status. Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Alfaisal University welcomes non-degree students for a maximum of two consecutive semesters and must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Proof of English Proficiency Test.
  2. Official High school transcript and Quadrat, Tahseely, or SAT.
  3. Non-degree students cannot register for a course without fulfilling its pre-requisites.
  4. Students who have college credits or have completed a college degree must submit an official college transcript.
  5. A Non-Degree student is allowed to register for a maximum of 12 CHs in Fall or Spring semester, and 9 CHs in Summer semester, on the condition that the student does not exceed more than 24 CHs in both semesters.
  6. Advanced payment of full tuition fees.
  7. For Non –Saudi students, a valid Iqama and proof of health insurance.