General Department Information

The Department of Pathology supports the mission and vision of the college of medicine, Alfaisal University. The vision of the department is to create and promote an educational environment that instils intellectual curiosity in medical students and inculcates a habit of life-long learning stimulating interest in pathology and its subspecialties. Faculty in the department of pathology promotes excellence in knowledge and skills in pathology using state of the art facilities and strives to attain academic excellence.

Department of pathology comprises of five full time faculty members with a varied background in histopathology, cytopathology, molecular pathology, and hematology and are involved in teaching an integrated pathology curriculum spread across several courses from year one to three of undergraduate medical curriculum. Academically, the Department of Pathology at Alfaisal Medical School aims to provide the bridge between the clinical and basic sciences and to encourage active learning through the provision of an integral structuring of the different academic activities related to the teaching of pathology. All faculty members lead several modules in undergraduate curriculum and are actively involved in research while at the same time dispensing administrative responsibilities in various capacities in the college of medicine.

All the latest teaching methodologies are employed in teaching pathology curriculum including didactic lectures, clinicopathologic teaching sessions, team-based learning, problem-based learning and blended and online learning. This modern approach promotes achieving of pathology curricular objectives across a wide spectrum of modules. The faculty of the Department of Pathology strive to provide a quality work environment that fosters unity, respect for diversity, teamwork, and professional growth.

We are committed to serve our students by providing the best student experience through outstanding educational programs for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. Recently department has started two post graduate Masters programs in transfusion medicine and Laboratory quality management. We integrate continuing medical education programs into the departmental activities as well as research across all pathology subdisciplines and share our expertise with other institutions in research and foster interdisciplinary collaboration with exemplary educational and scientific resources.