Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Ibrahim M. Salman, Assistant Professor

General Department Information

The Department of Pharmacy Practice in the College of Pharmacy of Alfaisal University provides basic and advanced clinical pharmacy courses and practical skills training components as part of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum.

The Department of Pharmacy Practice aims to graduate students who are practice-ready and team-ready to take the lead to manage medication-related problems. The department also aims to improve healthcare through innovation, collaboration, and advocacy to achieve excellence in pharmacy education, practice, and research. This is mainly achieved through participation in multidisciplinary healthcare teams and research endeavors that help in pioneering new roles for pharmacists in outpatient clinics, hospital units, skilled care facilities, and community pharmacies by applying their knowledge of disease and drug therapy. Specifically, the department caters to the needs of our students and faculty members in the fields of clinical therapeutics, case-based learning, medication therapy management, patient counselling, drug information services, medication reconciliation, pharmacovigilance, safety update reports, clinical research, health screening programs, community outreach program and continuing pharmacy education programs. The expanding roles of the department include the application of evidence-based medicine towards patient safety, pharmaceutical care, translational research, and clinical research in disease management. 

A key element of activities led by the Pharmacy Practice Department is also providing our students many opportunities to expand their knowledge outside the classroom by performing meaningful hands-on clinical practice experience in various clinical settings, and our pharmacy practice faculty members embrace collaboration with each other, the pharmaceutical sciences faculty, preceptors, and other healthcare providers.