3.9. Placement for Arabic and Islamic Courses for Non-Native Speakers

Placement Criteria:

Non- native Arabic

3.9.1 Students whose native/first language is not Arabic; or

3.9.2 Students who have studied 3 years or less of regular academic Arabic.

Intermediate Arabic

3.9.3 Students who have studied 4 – 6 years of regular academic Arabic; or

3.9.4 Students who have not studied Arabic after the 6th grade.

Eligibility Criteria for Enrolment

3.9.5 ARB 101 (NN)

3.9.6 ARB 101 (Intermediate)

3.9.7 ISL 101 (non-native)


3.9.8 Students who are placed in ARB 101 (NN) can upon completion automatically join ARB 112 (NN).

3.9.9 Students who are placed in ARB 101 (intermediate) can join upon completion ARB 112 (intermediate).

3.9.10 Students admitted to either ARB 101 (NN) or ARB 101 (intermediate) can automatically join ISL 101 (non-native) and then complete ISL 112 (non-native).

3.9.11 Student can register for the course through The Deanship of Student Affairs, Admission, and Registration after the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences approval.