General Department Information

Welcome to the Department of Radiology at the College of Medicine, Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our curriculum uses an integrated, spiral curriculum designed to deliver basic as well as clinical sciences from the first semester of medical school.

Within Alfaisal University, we have the opportunity to support and train the next generation of doctors and scientists by teaching general Radiology to undergraduates at Alfaisal University’s College of Medicine. We also have expanded our contribution to postgraduate training at Alfaisal University.



RAD 245: Radiology

In this course, students are required to become aware of and understand the nature of all currently available imaging procedures. Acquire a basic understanding of what each imaging procedure can and cannot accomplish and how to use these procedures in the evaluation of the clinical problem. Gain a firm knowledge of the indications, contradictions, risks and costs of commonly used imaging procedures. Learn the preparation and post procedural routines for imaging examinations. Learn to recognize basic anatomic structures as they appear on imaging studies in the normal patient and in common disease states.