4.11. Record Retention Information

In keeping with regulations and standards, the retention schedules for Alfaisal University student records are as follows:

  1. Items removed from student file upon graduation or withdrawal include:
    1. Add/drop forms
    2. Correspondence not related to academic progress
    3. Letters of recommendation and admission materials not removed by Admissions
    4. Scheduling forms
    5. Transcripts from other colleges or universities
    6. Transfer credit requests that are rejected
  2. Items retained permanently in student file:
    1. Correspondence related student consent for disclosure
    2. Final transcript
    3. Grade change forms if in student record
    4. Graduation application
    5. Information pertaining to academic honesty or violations of academic honesty policy
  3. Information and reports retained permanently:
    1. Catalogs
    2. Degree statistics
    3. Enrollment statistics
    4. Graduation lists
    5. Schedules of classes
  4. Items retained in student file for five (5) years after graduation or date of last attendance:
    1. Acceptance letter
    2. Application for admission or readmission
    3. Entrance exams, test score reports, placement tests
    4. Military documents (Registrar related)
    5. Name change authorizations
    6. Advanced placement, waivers, transfer credit approvals
    7. Degree audits
    8. Requests for withdrawal
    9. Academic actions unrelated to academic honesty
    10. International student documents (I-20, employment authorization, passport, I94, statement of financial responsibility, statement of educational costs). If a student wishes, they may be returned to him/her.
  5. Information and reports retained for four (4) years:
    1. Financial aid documents
    2. Scholarship forms
  6. Information and reports retained for one (1) year:
    1. Add/drop forms
    2. Enrollment verifications
    3. Registration forms