Sample Course Listing

Course Code: ME 421      Course Name: Renewable Energy Systems
Credit Hours: 3     Pre-requisites: ME 307

Co-requisites: none


The course gives an overview of renewable energy sources including biomass, hydroelectricity, geothermal, tidal, wave, wind, and solar power.  And it also presents the fundamentals of different renewable energy systems with a main focus on technologies with high development potential. Furthermore, it integrates math, engineering, climate studies and economics, and enabling students to gain a broad understanding of renewable energy technologies and their potential.

Prerequisites: ME 307 or Thermal Fluids Engineering II. The course number, “421,” indicates that the course is primarily for senior. The “3 sem. hrs.” following the title, indicates the credit value in semester hours. A brief description of the course is provided in the paragraph following the semester hours. The information after “Prerequisites” indicates the required background for enrolling in the course. In the example given, a student must have passed ME 307 or Thermal Fluids Engineering II prior to enrolment in ME 421. Course title revisions or a change in the course number are indicated by a “formerly” statement. Additional information about the course is available in the particular departmental or college office.