SE 423: Software Construction and Processes

Class Program
Credits 3 Lab Hours 0 Lecture Hours 3
Tutoring Hours
This course focuses on human-computer interaction as well as topics related to software maintenance, configuration management and evolution. Aspects such as User interface design and architectures will also be touched upon. Other HCI and usability related topics to be covered include: Assessment and evaluation of user interfaces, design of user interface components including windows, menus, and commands, Usability engineering, Task analysis, User-centered design, prototyping, conceptual models and metaphors, software design rationale, voice and natural language I/O. Response time and feedback, visual design, icons, and sound. Software quality issues, defect detection and prevention, reliability engineering, examination of maintenance issues, configuration management. Software evolution issues, planning for evolution. The course will also introduce students to important business aspects related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the field of Software Engineering.