6.1. Student Activities Policy

6.1.1 Associations and Clubs Policies

Alfaisal University is keen in involving all students in every kind of activities through college’s associations or clubs. It Allows students to participate in the Kingdom’s national and international events in the campus. The clubs’ events aim at serving the campus life and the international community in general. The Activity Staff at Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration support and sponsor all approved proposals.

  1. Association: each college has one association established and supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration (Activity Office); the members must be from the same college.
  2. Club: established by the students and supervised by Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration, the club members can be from all the students in the campus.

6.1.2 Clubs and Associations

  1. Must be approved by the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration.
  2. All clubs should represent Alfaisal vision and mission.
  3. All events must follow MoE and Alfaisal regulations.
  4. Head of association or club must have finished at least 30 credit hours at Alfaisal as a student and be aware of all regulations.
  5. A head of a club or association and its members should have no conduct or academic warning.
  6. Should not duplicate either in function or purpose an existing club.
  7. No event that may endanger the mental, physical health or safety of students or endanger a public property on campus.
  8. Any club that inactive for whole year will be cancelled.
  9. All recognized student organizations (association and club) will be held responsible by the University for abiding by Alfaisal, and governmental laws. The University is involved in the off-campus event of recognized student organizations when such event is under Alfaisal name.
  10. Only currently registered students shall be eligible for active membership status in student organizations.
  11. The purpose of student organizations must not conflict with the educational functions or established policies of the University.
  12. The University offers several ways for student organizations to market themselves to students who want to become involved.
  13. All Associations and Clubs must maintain on up-to-date website.
  14. The Office of Student Activities coordinates Associations and Clubs Fair at the beginning of the fall semester. All recognized student organizations are given an opportunity to register for the fair during which they can set up a booth with information about their groups.
  15. Student organizations can place flyers/materials on general purpose bulletin boards throughout campus after the approval of the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions and Registration.

6.1.3 The Head of a Club’s Responsibilities:

  1. Represent the club.
  2. Enforce the regulations on the club’s activities.
  3. Contact Student Affairs for any issues.
  4. Submit all financial receipts to the Activity Office.
  5. Submit comprehensive report for each event with pictures.
  6. Must be enrolled full time student.
  7. Must train the next president before he/she leaves.

The University’s recognition to a student association or club, the club is accorded several benefits, including:

  1. Use of the University’s logo and insignia is subject to University regulations.
  2. Ability to book space for the activity.
  3. Right to hold Events.
  4. The use of the clubs’ name on campus.
  5. Access and ability to use university property and equipment.
  6. Access to send email to all students.
  7. Financial support for the activities.
  8. Email address for the club.

6.1.4 Clubs and Associations Procedures

  1. Submit a report at the end of each event.
  2. Fill a form for any event with its budget to secure approval from the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration.

6.1.5 Procedures of Establishing a Club

Clubs seeking recognition under this policy must supply the following:

  1. Apply by filling the required forms through the e-form.
  2. The name of an academic advisor for the club.
  3. The total number of at least five female members and five male members, the size of the governing body.
  4. A copy of the constitution of the student club.

6.1.6 Procedure to Suspend a Club

Clubs could be suspended permanently or temporary for the following reasons:

  1. If the club violates MOE and Alfaisal regulations or club polices, an email will be sent with the violation committed.
  2. If Student Affairs do not accept any explanation for the violation of the regulation, the club will be suspended for a year.
  3. As a condition of being a registered association or club, the following information must be submitted to Student Affairs at the time of original application and at the beginning of each year.
  4. A complete list of the names and addresses of all officers of the association or club as well as all person(s) authorized to speak for, represent, or receive official notices, directives, or instructions from the university on behalf of the organization. The list must be kept current and accurate throughout the year.
  5. List of the intended activities must be submitted prior to the new academic year or at its beginning.

6.1.7 Financial Support of Students’ Organizations

To receive a financial support an organization should follow the following:

  1. Apply for approval of the event.
  2. Submit a budget with all details.
  3. Submit all original receipt of the Expenses to the Activity Office.
  4. All events must go in hand with Alfaisal regulations.
  5. Any donation for activities must be submitted to the Finance Department with all information regarding the name of the donor/ amount /activity date.
  6. Sponsors should be approved by Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration.
  7. Any financial request must be submitted two weeks before the event.
  8. Any associations or club that represent Alfaisal officially should receive an official invitation to off campus events.
  9. Correspondence with sponsors is only through the Development Office.

6.1.8 ​​​​​​​Use of University's Name and Logo in Students Associations and Clubs Policy

The name “Alfaisal University and its Logo” and how they are used affect both the University as a whole and the individual members of the University community. Appropriate use of the name and insignias can benefit all, while inappropriate use may reflect negatively on both the University and its individual members abiding by the University general use of logo. ​​​​​​​Logo Policy

The use of the university name or logo without having a written approval from Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration and PR in any of the following ways is prohibited:

  1. To promote any business, social, political, religious, or other event.
  2. To display, advertise, or announce this name publicly at, or in connection with, any meeting, assembly, or demonstration, or any propaganda, advertising, or promotional activity of any kind.
  3. Activity Office approval.

​​​​​​​6.1.9 Event’s Speaker Policy

All speakers that are invited to give Alfaisal Students a lecture need to follow the policies below:

  1. All external speakers must be approved by the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration.
  2. All speakers must submit their CV before any approval.
  3. A letter must be written by the Dean of the college, reviewed, and approved by the upper management.
  4. Main auditorium (graduation format).

6.1.10 ​​​​​​​Student Publications Policy

Alfaisal University is committed to providing the students and campus community with quality publications that enhance the University and its image. Students’ publications are not free from official action controlling editorial policy. Student publication types include but not limited to, magazine, videos, websites, images, pamphlets, and brochure, etc.

  1. Publication Guidelines
    1. Publications shall not bear the name and the logo of the University or purport to issue from it without the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration.
    2. All publications must respect religion, culture, and ethnic groups and comply with MOE regulations.
    3. The university shall not provide any student publication with financial support, editorial assistance, printing or other facilities without the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration and Public Relations approval.
    4. The publication must not contain obscene or libelous materials or advocate disruption of university activities or violation of university regulations.
    5. The publication must not contain Female pictures without the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration and Public Relations approval and female written approval.
  2. Procedure
    1. A form must be filled and submitted to the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration for approval with full information.
    2. Alfaisal logo must be added to any publications or banners after PR department approval.
    3. The publication draft must be approved by the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration before printing or published on the net.

6.1.12 ​​​​​​​Alfaisal University Student Travel Policy

An educational and volunteer trip for students that will contribute to enhancing their knowledge and skills to supplement their own curriculum; in addition, it will provide the students with the opportunity to observe, explore and engage in diverse experiences either organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs, Admissions, and Registration or the Colleges.

  1. Travel Policy
    1. Only educational or volunteer trips are allowed
    2. Any student is eligible to participate if she/he fulfil the below criteria:
      1. Minimum CGPA of 2.00
      2. No prior disciplinary actions
    3. Alfaisal University/College will not be responsible/liable for activities (shopping, diving, skiing, riding…etc.) carried out by students outside the scheduled educational or volunteer trip programs.
    4. The dean, professor or university administrator have the right to stop any student participation in the trip if it has been justified that the student will jeopardize the safety of the other students.
    5. No student is allowed to join any university sponsored trip if she/he is listed to an exam time.
    6. If the participant needs an entry visa for the allocated country/city she/he should provide the health insurance with the visa to the responsible office offering it.
    7. If a student becomes ill or is injured and needs assistance, appropriate health officials should be notified immediately. The parents must be notified immediately about the nature of the illness or injury.
    8. An advisor or assigned supervisor from the college should attend the trip with the students. At least one staff member is required.
    9. Any student possessing or using alcohol, or any narcotic drugs will be sent home immediately, at his own.
    10. No weapons of any sort are allowed.
  2. Common Sense and Courtesy
    1. Student must be mindful of his/her own safety and well-being throughout the trip and always use his/her own good judgment. Student is responsible for his/her possessions as well as for his/her behavior and will be held accountable for himself/herself.
    2. Students must keep their identity cards always with them and shall show them on demand
    3. Every student must follow the laws and principles of Islam, fulfil the obligatory duties and refrain from wrong doings.