Student Counseling

Student counseling aims to help students overcome any difficulties that may face them in their life in the University. It provides a space where students can feel comfortable and relaxed while talking with an empathic listener and where the student has the opportunity to explore as much of his or her concerns as he or she chooses to bring. 

Students with low academic performance may be looking for help around basic study skill improvement in areas such study better for tests or manage time more effectively.

The counselor help students by:

  • Increase motivation to complete academic work
  • Improve time management skills
  • Managing test anxiety
  • Strengthening test preparation strategies
  • Decreasing procrastination
  • Better note-taking skills

The Counseling Unit provides the CareerExplorer assessment for Alfaisal student that have any doubt about their major.  This assessment it will generate immediately a report that shows many useful information as top careers, top degrees, trait report and personality report. For counseling assistance, we urge you to visit the office of Student Affairs located at the ground floor of the student center.