Student Employment

Student Part-Time Employment represents an important and valuable experience for the student, in addition to other benefits for student and the university. Alfaisal University Program for student employment is implemented to encourage them to be effective and proactive in the university community and provide them with the financial assistance that they may need; as well as give them the chance develop experience. 


Student compensation as following:

  • An hourly rate: 30 SAR (calculation is based on working a total of 2 semesters).
  • The maximum allowed working hours is 15 hours/week.
  • The contract duration is one semester only and can be renewed for one semester each time.
  • There should not be any conflict between the student classes and the working hours.
  • A student can only be employed with one Department/College during the same semester.
  • Student Requirements to be fulfilled:
    • The student must be enrolled during the Employment semester.
    • The Student Cumulative GPA must be 2.5 and above.


To employ a student at your Department/College please follow the steps below:

Step One Request

  • Ask the requested student to:
    • Fill “Student Employment Application (SA-SE02)
    • Attach a copy of his/her ID/Iqama and his Student ID.
  • The requester must prepare the Student Contract and have the requested student sign it.

Step Two Approvals

  • The requester must submit the above forms and documents to Finance for Approval.
  • If approved By Finance Dept. (Request can be accommodated (within budget)) the request will be handed over to Student Affairs.
  • If approved by Student Affairs (Student fulfilled the Employment requirements) the request will be handed over back to Finance Dept. and a confirmation email will be sent to the requester.

Step Three Payment

  • After each employment month ends the employed student must fill a soft copy of the “Student Employment Time Sheet (SA-SE03)”
  • They employed student must print and sign the Time Sheet, then submit it to Finance Department for the payment to be processed. 

Step Four Extention

A contract can be extended for one additional semester each time, this form “Student Employment - Agreement Extension Request” must be filled and submitted to Finance Department.