1.3. Supporting Services

1.3.1 Facilities Department

The Facilities Department mission is to safeguard the Alfaisal community, to sustain Alfaisal’s physical assets entrusted to us in a safe and environmentally friendly condition, and to perform quality campus and facility services in a cost-effective manner. The Facilities Department consists of multiple business units providing professional and unique services to Alfaisal Students. The department can be reached at the following extensions and emails:



E-Mail Address

Safety or security Issues

7853 7859

7857 7858


Building deficiencies or discomfort

7854 7861


Any facilities related issues or services




Male 7997

Female 7995


1.3.2 Information Technology Services (ITS)

The Information Technology Services (ITS) is the central facility at Alfaisal University responsible for providing IT services to support students, faculties, staff, and business areas for quality learning, teaching and research activities. To see in detail the functions and services provided by IT Services Department (ITS).

1.3.3 Library

The Alfaisal University Hassan Abbas Sharbatly e-Library is accessed using highly developed computer labs furnished with the latest technological materials. The growth of electronic resources in the library will continue to support the library with up-to-date references from the most professional societies & publishers.

The myriad of resources available in the Hassan Abbas Sharbatly e-Library have been made possible by the generous support of the Sharbatly family and The Hassan Abbas Sharbatly Foundation. Their generous contributions are very much appreciated and will assist Alfaisal University in taking its place as one of the pre-eminent institutions of its kind in the country, the region, and internationally.

The University Library currently holds a solid collection of books and journals (primarily in electronic format) with both the print and electronic collections growing steadily. There are over 370,368 books and journals available in the Library. Computers are available to readily access the library and other electronic resources, and the quite area tables are available to read in the print library. Library staff is available to assist you in any way possible.

The Library also provides students and faculty members with up-to-date technology in photocopying, printing, and scanning. The newly installed system in the Library allows students and faculty members to scan materials in the Library and sending them directly to their emails rather than printing them. This innovative service demonstrates the commitments of the University and the Library to the ongoing worldwide conservation initiatives.

1.3.4 The Academic Success Center

Students who need assistance studying for an exam, understanding key concepts in their courses, or getting feedback on papers can find the help they need at the Academic Success Center (ASC). The Center primarily exists to extend and support the work of Alfaisal’s classes by offering free tutoring sessions, in which learners are paired with student consultants who provide academic support for over 30 different courses here at Alfaisal. The students who work at the Center have excelled in the courses they support and have been trained in teaching. Appointments are booked through our online scheduling system for a maximum of 60 minutes, and students may book up to 4 appointments in a week. Students have the option of booking sessions in person or online, and they may attend sessions as a small group or individually. ASC student consultants also hold workshops that students may attend to review key concepts in various courses. The Center is located on the third floor of both the men’s and the women’s libraries. The ASC currently supports more than 30 different courses including:

  • Mathematics courses
  • Chemistry courses
  • Physics courses
  • English courses
  • Anatomy & Physiology courses
  • Business courses
  • Engineering courses

1.3.5 Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs (AUEP)

Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs (AUEP) is an entity that was started in January 2020. It aims to bridge the gap between high school and university and provide our youth with the needed tools to make sound career choices that align with the labor market needs and national/global trends.

AUEP offer programs in a wide range of fields including medicine, business, engineering, language, science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and others in an interactive and challenging manner. At AUEP, students get exposed to trending fields and are stimulated to fine-tune their interpersonal and social skills through AUEP’s dynamic approach. The following objectives facilitate fulfilment of the vision of Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs (AUEP):

  1. Conducting high-quality enrichment programs that are in-line with Alfaisal University vision and mission.
  2. Conducting multidisciplinary programs and target hot and trending topics in the market.
  3. Recruiting expert professionals in their fields to deliver the programs.
  4. Creating a space for Alfaisal University faculty, graduates, and students to present their ideas in an innovative way and participate in disseminating knowledge to the youth.
  5. Advocating for life and education at Alfaisal University.