The Vision and the Mission of the University

The vision of Alfaisal University is to be a world-class institution and a pioneer in innovation and knowledge applications. The University mission is to be a student-centered university that creates and disseminates knowledge through world-class academic programs, research, and service that benefits humanity.

In advancing its mission, the University adhere to the current values:

  • Culture: Understand and value core elements of Saudi culture.
  • Knowledge: Contribute new knowledge in the fields of science and technology.
  • Performance: Commit to continuous improvement in performance and quality.
  • Leadership: Demonstrate leadership with respect to academics, research, and service, and build leaders.
  • Faith: Honor the role of faith in life.
  • Integrity: Demonstrate professional and institutional integrity.
  • Responsibility: Embrace social and environmental responsibility.
  • Honesty: Demonstrate honesty in one's actions and treatment of others.
  • Service: Provide value-added service at the local, regional, and international levels.
  • Learning: Instill the habit of lifelong curiosity and learning.
  • Equal opportunity: Strive for equal opportunity within the context of valuing talent and ability.

Fulfilling its distinctive mission, Alfaisal University’s aim is to continue to be one of the finest private non-profit universities in the country and the region.