1.4. Tuition and Financial Aid

1.4.1 Tuition and Fees

Alfaisal University applies several tuition and fees policies depending on the provided service. There are specified amounts and deadlines to fulfill required payments.

1.4.2 Financial Aid

The mission of the Financial Aid at Alfaisal University is to provide financial support to all eligible students who are interested in attending Alfaisal University. It is devoted to meet the financial needs related to the educational well-being and development of qualified students. Provision of financial assistance is based upon student financial need, merit, and funds availability. Financial assistance is awarded through grants and scholarships which do not have to be repaid. Alfaisal University does provide several types of scholarships:

  1. Merit-based Scholarships: These scholarships are granted partially and awarded to academically gifted students. Merit-based scholarships will cover all five years of study in all colleges, except for the College of Medicine which will cover six years.
  2. Financial Assistance (Need-based): These are partial scholarships, and they are awarded based on the need of students, contingent upon the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria initiated by the University.
  3. Dean’s List: These scholarships are available for tuition paying students who have achieved a minimum CGPA of 3.75/4.00 by the end of the academic year of study at one of the Alfaisal University colleges. If granted, they will cover up to 20% of a student’s tuition fees.
  4. MOE Scholarships: The Ministry of Education provides number of scholarships to Saudi students.

Merit-based and financial assistance (need-based) are granted to new and continuing students, the dean’s list scholarships are for students who are already attending Alfaisal University. These scholarships are for both Saudis and non-Saudis and can be applied for through the Financial Aid. Students must maintain the required scholarship criteria detailed in their letter award every semester, especially those pertaining to academic achievement. Failure to maintain the required academic performance level required will result in termination of scholarship. Refer to the section related to grades and results in this guide for more details.