CoB Business Common Core Courses (BCC)

All CoB students must complete the following courses. These are mostly completed before the end of junior year.

Business Core Courses

Excluding the internship which is part of the major core courses.

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Sub-Total Credits

COB 100 Student Orientation and Academic Success is a formal one-credit hour course on student orientation and academic success. This course introduces students in the College of Business (COB) to their rights and responsibilities as a student at the COB and develops their skills to foster academic success and enhance their learning experience. It gives the students a chance to get a thorough understanding of academic policies and procedures applicable to the COB Students, including policies and procedures related to attendance vs participation, academic misconduct, academic probations, outside studies programs and credit transfers, grade appeals, GPA calculations, repeating courses, make-up exams, sick-leave, student advising, etc. The course familiarizes students with their study plans, including adding a minor or a double major and related requirements; equipping them with the skills required to access and utilize the rich library resources; introducing them to the set of extracurricular activities available at Alfaisal, and enhancing their time management and study skills.