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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Study Plan

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Mechanical Engineering Track: Digital Design and Manufacturing

ME students have the option to select electives in the fourth year according to their desired academic objective in consultation with their academic advisor. Regular, non-track students select any three of the offered ME electives in the fourth year. ME students also have the option to follow the Digital Design and Manufacturing track in the program. Irrespective of whether a student opts for the Digital Design and Manufacturing track or not, the total credits for electives must be 9 CRHs. All offered technical electives are available for regular non-track students, whether they opt for the track or not.

In summary, all ME students follow the same curriculum and take the same required courses, with the difference being the designation of the electives in the fourth year.

Per standing policy, and with the approval of the department chair, a student may opt to take one of the 3 CRH technical electives from another engineering program.

Digital Design and Manufacturing Track (for IE students only)

The industrial and information revolutions made tremendous impact on manufacturing and communication systems of today. Technologies developed in those revolutions are fusing into a new industrial revolution now known as Industry 4.0 where digital information is inherent in manufacturing activities. Industry 4.0 changes the way products are designed and manufactured today and will revolutionize product development in future.

ME department, in conjunction with the Industrial Engineering (IE) department, offers the Digital Design and Manufacturing track to prepare students for Industry 4.0. Students opting for this track will gain focused knowledge by taking electives offered by ME and IE departments in this interdisciplinary area.

Students must complete the following (6 CRHs) core courses:

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A student opting for the Digital Design and Manufacturing track can take two and one electives in the Fall and Spring semesters, respectively or vice versa.

Minor in Mechanical Engineering (for IE students)

ME department offers a minor in Mechanical Engineering which is open to IE students only. Students opting for this minor will gain concentrated knowledge by taking advanced ME courses.

General Guidelines

  1. The student must complete a total of additional 15 CRHs from IE department
  2. Entry Point: Nominally before or at end of Year 2 (sophomore-level) to allow for sufficient time to complete all the courses.
  3. The student must have a minimum GPA of 3.25. Admission to the minor is subject to the approval of the ME and IE departments.
  4. The student should complete the main degree requirements before starting the minor.
  5. Any of the pre-approved courses can be taken whenever the course is offered by IE department and subject to prevailing academic regulations.
  6. Lab courses cannot be taken on their own. A Lab course has to be taken with or after the corresponding course has been taken.
  7. Completion of a minor program is posted on the transcript alongside the main major. Minor programs are not noted on diplomas.